Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence:
What’s in a name?

Intelligence, for starters. It’s what our bracketed “i” stands for.

In math, brackets express a grouping and show where to begin solving a problem. Collective[i] solves the problems of work — who to sell to, who to call, when to call, whether a deal will go through — by starting with grand-scale intelligence via a data-based network.

Our view is that the days of standalone, customized enterprise software are numbered. And networks are the next step in the modern world’s connected evolution.

From switchboards to the printing press, transistor radios, television, the Internet, personal computers and mobile phones, each new major technology has connected ever more of us. Because individuals, brought together, are stronger, smarter, more impactful and capable of the greatest change.

Where data fast-overwhelms individual companies, networks thrive on ever more of it. Rather than considering any one company’s information, networks learn from multiple sources and so can detect large-scale patterns and pinpoint specifics.

On a global scale, networks can help us understand the world’s food supply or how diseases travel. And in business, they can highlight unknown trends or make clear the buying-cycle pace of a potential client. The most popular consumer brands known for their intelligence and savvy — Google, Amazon, LinkedIn and PayPal among them — are built as networks, as are more obviously user-fed services like Waze and Wikipedia.

Nature has always relied on versions of networks. Collective intelligence is the ancient phenomenon behind the brilliance of ant colonies, dolphin pods, beehives and other superorganism endeavors made possible by seamless communication and cooperation.

In each instance, a whole is enhanced and informed by each contributor, and each contributor is enhanced and informed by the whole.

The same is true of cooperation-rich human efforts like cities and even teams.

Though while many companies treat data-based intelligence as the final competitive edge, at Collective[i] we know it’s only as valuable as how effectively it empowers the people using it.

People — with creativity, nuance, compassion, brilliance and sheer will — win deals, think big and advance the world. We’ve designed the most intelligent approach to anticipating outcomes and delivering insights, so that you can stop managing tools and start revolutionizing business.