Reinventing Work

Reinventing Work:
It all starts with Sales.


We spent the better part of a decade dissecting the process of revenue generation and found opportunities at every step. Now, we’re ushering in a new era of work with a suite of instantly responsive applications and the world’s first enterprise network, specifically designed to help business users sell more.

It’s a solution that puts buyers where they see themselves: at the center of the Sales universe.


Collective[i] helps Sales teams to ask the most illuminating questions of their pipeline and uses pre-developed analyses, instantly responsive applications and an always-learning network to answer them. All it takes to get started is access to CRM data.

Why is Collective[i] so integral to the modern sales organization?

Without our technology and scientific methodology, it’s perilously easy to read into numbers what we’d like them to say.

The scientist Tyler Vigen playfully highlights this idea with his graphs of “spurious correlations” — such as the 95 percent correlation rate between cheese consumption and deaths from being tangled in bed sheets, or the 99 percent correlation between margarine consumption and divorce rates in Maine.

It’s not enough for data to be accurate; it needs to be analyzed in a way that’s both impactful and sound.

Also key is our applications. Web based and always updated, they’re intuitive to use; present the full story of every opportunity, from introduction through conclusion; and provide clear views of strategy that can transform managers from commentators to coaches.

Finally, Collective[i] features the world’s first collaborative Sales network.

For our clients, our network can uncover insights across industry sectors; reveal global trends that would be impossible to spot using standalone technology; and deliver predictions and answers that are unmatched in their acumen and accuracy.

What all this means is, the gap between your best and worst sales professionals closes and every part of the sales process, from forecasting to closing, is transparent and newly efficient. It’s work, reinvented.

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Companies naturally silo information, but buyers don’t. The gap between what Marketing says and what Sales does needs to close.

With Collective[i] for Marketing — a complement to our Sales application —information is clear, known and centrally available. That means businesses, able to finally view the buyer holistically, can make better decisions and to huge advantage.

The difference is not only better information and leads, but a smarter and more accurate execution.

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Services &

The final stop on the customer journey is customer service and support. Our Services and Support applications will complement Sales and Marketing to help companies create seamless customer experiences.

The better your relationships with your clients, the more value those relationships will create for you.

Our predictive technologies can detect customer issues in early stages, enabling you to solve issues before they’re problems.

Plus, our applications create clear views of customers — their relationships to you, the value they represent — so that responses can be swift, specific and all that customers expect.

Are your customers happy? Intelligence is the opposite of guesswork.